Why You Need construction management


Another facet of our company is construction management. In this role we act as your eyes your hands and your ears on the job site. So, if we have a scenario where we have clients from downstate and other parts of the country who are not here, we act as the boots on the ground helping coordinate getting contractors in place, getting requests for proposals. lining up insurances, tracking down W-9s, etc.  We help bring the job together.

When the job is up and running, we help run point for you the client, to make sure everything that you want in that job is taken care of and everything that we’re responsible for and the contractors are responsible for are taken care of prior to payment. In that role we help facilitate payment to the trade and likewise if there’s any questions from the trade back to the owner, we help facilitate that communication as well.

Seems like an easy task and a lot of people say, “I don’t really need it” then in hindsight they say, “man I really could have used you”.

We act almost like an interpreter on the job site because anybody that’s been on the site knows it’s got its own language and its own life.


So if you need help don’t forget be Clever and ask a professional   

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