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Our team specializes in multifamily, retail and commercial Property Management and Maintenance, Tenant Retention and Construction Supervision in the Hudson Valley and several states along the eastern seaboard.

Our Firm

Clever Property Management brings real estate skills and experience that span development, real estate financing, purchasing to pre-construction, construction, project and property management. We tailor our services to your needs.

We identify and solve complex problems through streamlined processes, giving your tenants/residents a positive experience and peace of mind when working with us.

Over the past decade, our principals have managed multiple properties ranging from single-family, multi-family, commercial, retail and mobile home communities. We offer management and maintenance services all in one place. Efficient, effective, and clever.


Our Focus

Property Management and Construction Supervision - Image of Architecture drawings

Property Management and Construction Supervision

Our team specializes in multifamily, retail and commercial Property Management and Maintenance, Tenant Retention and Construction Supervision in the Hudson Valley and several states along the eastern seaboard.

Looking to do some capital repairs to your real estate?

Our team reduces overall delivery costs, keeps projects on schedule and provides excellent market knowledge for informed decision making by supervising tenant improvements, build-outs, and outside consultants for complex projects.

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Our mission is to leverage our expertise, networking capabilities and passion for real estate to provide exceptional communication and execution to our clients and their tenants.


Establish, acquire and execute.  

Clever Property Management will continue to establish solid relationships and acquire more clients by gaining a reputation throughout the real estate industry for providing efficient and timely execution of services. In this way, Clever Property Management will be recognized as a premier brand of Property Management Services.


Property and Construction Supervision Services

General Property Management

  • Monitor and address tenant inquiries during and after business hours.
  • Conduct a move-in and move-out inspection.
  • Provide oversight of moving the tenant(s) into and out of the property.
  • Maintain communication with tenant(s) throughout their stay.
  • Provide suggestions and oversight of remote rent income collection for the Owner.

General Maintenance and Repair

  • Arrange bi-annual unit inspection.
  • Review property and make timely suggestions to boost gross income.
  • Suggest minor repairs and solutions discovered during inspections and prospect feedback.
  • Investigate and approve maintenance personnel and repair vendor authenticity.
  • Vet and obtain insurances from contractors and subcontractors to be hired by the Owner.
  • Provide coordination of invoices for labor and material to be billed directly to the Owner.
  • Provide documented updates on maintenance or repair work in progress with expenses, receipts and warranties.
  • Coordinate and monitor maintenance of property (lawn mowing/snowplowing/leaf cleanup).

Construction Supervision

  • Monitor compliance with all safety guidelines and policies.
  • Make daily decisions about construction activities in accordance with ownership.
  • Establish and implement work schedules and adjust them to meet project deadlines in accordance with ownership.
  • Inventory materials and order materials as needed and approved by ownership.
  • Ensure all site personnel use quality workmanship in accordance with plans and ownership needs and proper insurance.
  • Conduct project monitoring to ensure quality construction and safety.
  • Implement project cost control procedures and monitoring in accordance with ownership.
  • Adjust project schedules as needed in order to meet all project deadlines in accordance with ownership needs.
  • Read blueprints and plans and communicate them if necessary.
  • Travel between multiple job sites and simultaneously manage workloads of individual projects.

Real Estate Listings

  • While Clever Property Management is a NYS licensed Real Estate Brokerage, our approach is to set up your apartment listings with a realtor(s) of your choice, or if you agree, one that we suggest.

o    Why? Our network of real estate offices provides you with a higher probability to show, review, interview, select and lease with our oversight and advisement customized to our clients’ preferences.


  • Coordinate apartment turnover with (selected Realtor) post lease insuring damages are recovered.
  • Coordinate effort between (selected Realtor) and Owner to get unit(s) leased.
  • Review and report on vacancy reports (to be supplied by the Realtor).
  • Review and discuss potential lease candidates (to be supplied by the Realtor) with the Realtor and Owner.
  • Verify current legislation requirements are being met for the landlord.


Have you received a code enforcement violation or warnings from local officials? We address them by correcting and rectifying the issue with the proper town or city, and notify the residents or tenants responsible.

Our Team

John Mario Perri

With over 15 years of real estate experience focusing on all facets of acquisition, preconstruction, (re)development, construction, operations and property management in commercial/multi-family and retail construction, John possesses extensive knowledge of the industry. His accomplishments have led him from analyst, to manager, to partner, to owner. These advancements and years of exposure to the industry enable him to see the life and process of many types of real estate deals and effectively advise his clients accordingly.

John holds a bachelor’s degree from CUNY Baruch College, an MBA from The College of St. Rose, an NYS Real Estate Brokers license, and an ICSC-CSM Property Management certification.

John Perri from Clever Property Management
The Clever Property Management Family

Kristi Perri

With equal time managing commercial and multi-family financial operations in Hudson, Catskill and areas outside New York, Kristi rose from a part‐time Accounts Receivable representative to a salaried Office Manager running the back-office operations for multiple companies on multiple accounting platforms. Her proximity to and involvement in property development, construction management and financial operations allowed her to develop a great network of reliable industry professionals who she recommends to her clients.

Kristi holds a bachelor’s degree from SUNY Oswego and a master’s degree from Long Island University.

Our Team

Comprised of a nucleus of key personnel with a wide array of skills who communicate efficiently to manage assets in a hands-on manner, our lean structure results in the quick decision making and responsiveness appreciated by tenants, vendors, customers, and investors. Our methods and processes apply across shopping centers, multi-family buildings, commercial buildings, various tenant types and locations



Areas We Serve

Clever Property Management serves the following counties in the Hudson Valley New York region:


What others are saying

Charles Buck & John Murtha
CNJ Affiliates Ltd.
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As the owner of multiple properties, we feel very fortunate to have met John Perri of Clever Property Management. He stepped into a difficult and chaotic situation and quickly brought order, continuity and positive results. His ability to listen, assess and suggest in order to move forward in a professional manner has been invaluable. John's attention to detail and ability to listen and move forward has been crucial in returning our properties to a stable condition. Demonstrating excellent people skills, he has supervised various necessary renovation projects while keeping to budget and explaining all invoices and fees involved. John is a seasoned professional and a pleasure to work with. We can recommend the services of Clever Property Management and their competent staff without reservation and look forward too many projects together in the future.
Meg B
834 Warren
Read More
Since Clever took over property management in my building I have seen a huge improvement in response time. Any time I email or text John I receive a response within the same day or at the very least within 12 hours. The transition to Clever was simple and well laid out in writing via print and email. It was really clear what would be changing, and we always have ample notice whenever anyone needs to come by the apartment which is particularly useful since we have a dog. I appreciate that any time I have questions about the building or even rental agreements when we were signing our lease, John answered every question thoroughly!
Eve W
509 Prospect
Read More
John at Clever Property Management has been managing my apartment since I moved in. Since the beginning, his communication has been timelier than that of my family! He responds promptly and schedules repairs quickly. I am happily surprised with his professionalism and respect.
Patricia MeyersBroker/ Owner
Read More
It has been my privilege to work with John Perri over the past 15 years. During this time, John has taken on many different roles, from property manager, construction manager and many more roles that fall under each category. I am proud to say that I have acted as his mentor over the years and have watched John embrace each and every new challenge and aspect of business with grace and proficiency. He does the required research to obtain the knowledge to provide the optimum outcome for all parties involved. He is tactful, communicates well and always acts with the best interest of his clients and vendors, making sure that everyone feels heard and that any of their concerns are addressed. His personality and follow up is a key to being an excellent business person and anyone fortunate enough to work with him, will soon come to understand this on their own. If a single word was to be used to describe John, it is trusted. Please feel free to contact me personally should you need any additional information. It will be my pleasure speak with you.
From Zillow.com
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Through a thorough review of the basement issues I was having, John was able to identify the problem and then bring in the right professionals to mitigate the issues. His knowledge and professionalism in both property management and construction management are obvious and we will be using Clever Property Management for all future projects large and small.
Victor Mendolia
From Zillow.com
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John Perri and Clever Property management are just the best property managers around. Every time I have used him he arranges for quick repairs with professional workers. I have never had to wait longer than the next day for an emergency repair, most are done the same day. He has great relationships with the professionals he uses. I guess that's why they show up promptly and get the job done quickly. I highly recommend John.
Read More
One may think you can self manage a property from afar however if you want to scale you really do have to find the right property manager. I resisted for a long time and then a friend introduced me to John Perri at Clever Property Management. I have not looked back. Had 3 units and am fast approaching 13 units all in the space of a couple of months. This would have been impossible without having John and team by my side. Greene County is notorious for not being able to get contractors to actually take your call and then turn up to do the work. John and team has built up those relationships over a 15+ year period – hard to put a price on that. His team adapts to how you work, for me it is being super responsive. It is very hard work and not always appreciated because Clever Property Management makes it seem so easy. When you include them as part of your team it becomes easy. Have the conversation with them - it's free, I would be most surprised if you did not immediately engage their services. If you are not convinced after that initial conversation, I am happy to speak directly to answer any questions.
Daniel Riley
Read More
As a contractor I did work for Clever Property Management. They always were responsive to my inquires and were frank and candid with me. I would do business with them again.
Charles Buck
Read More
Simply the best at what they do. Intelligent, knowledgeable, personable, effective. Could not recommend higher. The best in the business. Have worked with this group for a long time on many projects and it was always a pleasure.
Jeff Workman
Read More
John is extremely professional, very detail oriented, and always on top of whatever he is working on. This is the place if you're looking for someone to manage your property and cut the stress out of your life.
Nick Fiore
Read More
I do business with John at Clever Property Management on a daily basis and it's always a pleasure. His organization, knowledge of the field and professionalism matched with his out going personality makes doing business easy. I would highly recommend using Clever Property Management in any upcoming project you might have.
Michel Cleaning Pros
Read More
Clever property management is a great company. Very professional and easy to work with. This company is the best
Read More
I honestly can't imagine anyone else better suited for this job. John is personable, smart, responsive, responsible, proactive, and hardworking. Super professional as well. I've entrusted him with my rental units, and he has made it wonderfully painless. Couldn't recommend him and his company any more highly.
Property Management Companies in Albany

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