Discovering Clever Ideas


I recently visited a basement for a potential client and had an insightful experience I’d like to share. While waiting in the house, I observed something that’s quite common in areas like Columbia County, Green County, and even up into the Capital District with many old basements. Unlike the typical concrete foundations seen in homes built in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, these older structures often have stone foundations with stack stone and mortar. A significant issue with these types of basements is the seepage of water and moisture, along with various deposits from the earth, which also brings in the cold.

During my visit, I encountered something quite remarkable. I’ve been in numerous basements, but this was the first time I saw a unique insulation method. The homeowners had applied spray foam insulation, similar to what you would use in walls, but they covered all the bricks and stack stone around the basement. The result was impressive. Not only did it look neat, but the basement was also noticeably warm.

This approach is something worth considering. In my years of experience, I hadn’t come across this method before, and I was genuinely impressed by the effectiveness of the insulation. They even extended the foam up into the ducts to prevent any heat from escaping outside. With the heater running, the basement retained a comfortable and warm atmosphere, thanks to the residual heat being effectively trapped inside.

This clever solution is a testament to the importance of thinking outside the box in property management. It’s a reminder to always be innovative and consider unconventional methods to solve common problems. Remember, being clever as a professional can lead to discovering efficient and effective solutions like this one


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