Hudson New York

Hudson New York construction management and Property Management

Located 120 miles north of New York City lies the small, charming town of Hudson NY. Positioned on the east side of the Hudson River in Columbia County, Hudson is a popular known for its history, art, culture and farming.

Why Invest in Hudson NY?

With its small-town charm and its close proximity to New Your City, Hudson offers an ideal scenario for individuals and families looking to be close enough to the big city for work and leisure while offering the scenic small-town charm. These factors make it ideal for real estate investors to easily find great tenants.

Hudson NY

What can Clever Property Management do for real estate investors in Hudson NY ?

If you are considering investing in Real Estate in Hudson NY, Clever Property Management can be your eyes and ears on the ground. We offer:

  • construction management to get your investment property fully updated and rent ready without the headaches and we make sure it’s done right the first time.
  • Tenant Screening to provide you with the best tenants possible.
    Maintenance & Repair – as the needs arise, we make sure to handle the issues for you.
  • Rent Collection – We maintain that professional barrier between you and your tenant to ensure that everything is handled promptly to ensure you see a return on your investment.
  • Tenant Retention – By ensuring your property is well maintained and all tenant concerns are addressed in a timely manner, we aim to keep you the investor happy and the tenant happy as well, ensuring you retain good quality tenants.

Ultimately, we ensure you are informed every step of the way. From financial reporting to maintenance issues to occupancy and expiring lessees, Clever Property Management provides an easy-to-use solution so that you are well informed about the status of your investment property.

If you are considering an investment property in Hudson NY, The Catskills, Albany, Columbia, Green County, or the Hudson Valley area, call Clever Property Managementuss your particular needs and how we can help.

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