General Property Management

  • Monitor and address tenant inquiries during and after business hours.
  • Conduct a move-in and move-out inspection.
  • Provide oversight of moving the tenant(s) into and out of the property.
  • Maintain communication with tenant(s) throughout their stay.
  • Provide suggestions and oversight of remote rent income collection for the Owner.

General Maintenance and Repair

  • Arrange bi-annual unit inspection.
  • Review property and make timely suggestions to boost gross income.
  • Suggest minor repairs and solutions discovered during inspections and prospect feedback.
  • Investigate and approve maintenance personnel and repair vendor authenticity.
  • Vet and obtain insurances from contractors and subcontractors to be hired by the Owner.
  • Provide coordination of invoices for labor and material to be billed directly to the Owner.
  • Provide documented updates on maintenance or repair work in progress with expenses, receipts and warranties.
  • Coordinate and monitor maintenance of property (lawn mowing/snowplowing/leaf cleanup).

construction management

  • Monitor compliance with all safety guidelines and policies.
  • Make daily decisions about construction activities in accordance with ownership.
  • Establish and implement work schedules and adjust them to meet project deadlines in accordance with ownership.
  • Inventory materials and order materials as needed and approved by ownership.
  • Ensure all site personnel use quality workmanship in accordance with plans and ownership needs and proper insurance.
  • Conduct project monitoring to ensure quality construction and safety.
  • Implement project cost control procedures and monitoring in accordance with ownership.
  • Adjust project schedules as needed in order to meet all project deadlines in accordance with ownership needs.
  • Read blueprints and plans and communicate them if necessary.
  • Travel between multiple job sites and simultaneously manage workloads of individual projects.

Real Estate Listings

  • While Clever Property Management is a NYS licensed Real Estate Brokerage, our approach is to set up your apartment listings with a realtor(s) of your choice, or if you agree, one that we suggest.

o    Why? Our network of real estate offices provides you with a higher probability to show, review, interview, select and lease with our oversight and advisement customized to our clients’ preferences.


  • Coordinate apartment turnover with (selected Realtor) post lease insuring damages are recovered.
  • Coordinate effort between (selected Realtor) and Owner to get unit(s) leased.
  • Review and report on vacancy reports (to be supplied by the Realtor).
  • Review and discuss potential lease candidates (to be supplied by the Realtor) with the Realtor and Owner.
  • Verify current legislation requirements are being met for the landlord.


Have you received a code enforcement violation or warnings from local officials? We address them by correcting and rectifying the issue with the proper town or city, and notify the residents or tenants responsible.

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