Communication and coordination


Property Management it’s not difficult….when you have one unit, but when you have more than one unit or more than one building that’s when it starts to become a log jam. I was just on a call with a potential client, and they have a four-unit and a two-unit building up in Troy. I asked, “how are you guys managing the property?” and he said “oh well I have a contractor that goes and does this and I have a family member that picks up cash, my wife and I deposit the checks into our account and then we give them a receipt” and I said “oh yeah that sounds like a system”. I asked “why are you looking for property management” he said “well honestly I need more help, I need more help organizing”

That’s really what it comes down to in property management, it’s coordination and communication and we do it well, we do it cleverly, we do it efficiently and this is how we’re continuing to grow.

Let us help you grow your portfolio and if you have a question be clever and ask a professional

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