Taking that step!


When you find yourself going down a different road that you hadn’t planned on, just keep going, just keep driving. Hopefully, it’s sunny, hopefully, the window’s down, blowing the wind through your hair, but just keep plowing, just keep pushing.

You know, it’s funny – we started the company just over five years ago, and I get asked often or told often, you know, as an entrepreneur, ”Oh man, I can’t believe you did it, it’s so… you know, it’s so hard. And you know, I could have never done that”. And yeah, there’s some truth to that, there’s definitely some truth to, you know, how difficult the process was. But I think what’s more important than anything is, I truly believe that there are a lot of people out there that could do this; there’s a lot of people out there that could start their own company. And I feel this way because so many of us are pushed to or push not far enough to that level of uncomfortableness,  that really that sink or swim moment. But I bet you, that’s you – most of you watching this – if you did take a step outside the confines of our normal nine-to-fives and started something on your own, you’d be successful, you’d be surprised. But I wouldn’t.

Remember, be clever, ask a professional.”

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