Relationships are a key resource while searching for opportunity


Hey everyone, it’s John Perri from Clever Property Management. Today, I want to share a little story that highlights just how crucial relationships are, especially when it comes to spotting and seizing business opportunities.

So, I was driving around the other day and saw my buddy Anthony. He’s in the middle of building a gas station. I decided to pull over and catch up. During our chat, Anthony mentioned he wasn’t too pleased with the framers he’d hired. He asked if I knew anyone skilled in siding. And guess what? I did! Just from that simple conversation, there’s now a chance for Clever Property Management to step in and handle the siding for this entire project. And just to give you an idea, this building is a solid 45×60 with 12-foot walls. It’s a big deal!

I can’t stress this enough to all of you: relationships are everything. Whether it’s grabbing a coffee, shooting over a text, sharing a meme on Instagram, or any other way you connect, it’s essential to keep those relationships alive and warm. You never know where they might lead – sometimes it’s a small gig, other times it’s something as big as this.

So, always remember the power of relationships in our line of work. They can open doors you never even knew existed. As I always say, “Be Clever, ask a professional.”

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