What’s waiting under that aluminum


Renovating a house that was formally covered in aluminum, which is very typical for the Hudson Valley especially in Hudson.  The question that comes up often is “what are we going to find under the aluminum?”.

In this video I show you a little bit of what’s typical here in Hudson. You can see up in the eaves and the soffits on the second story you’ll find a lot of rot.  That’s the old gutter systems breaking down as well as the soffits getting some water damage.  You can also see water damage around the windows and some crown molding missing, which is easily replaced with some new products.

This is just a quick glimpse of what we’ve been coming across over the years and certainly if you get the right siding crew, the right roofing crew, the right painting crew you can bring this back to life easily.


If you don’t know remember… be clever, ask a professional   

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