I want to renovate my apartment building, can Clever help?


On a job that we’re doing for a client’s first floor apartment, we came into the building to look to see what was going on with the second floor’s sagging floors.  After just one week we ended up taking up the entire floor and now we’re in the process of pouring footings to rebuild the entire first floor apartment. The client was nervous, but we’ve done this before and we consistently, continually, communicate with her to let her know that we’ve got everything under control.  We know the process, we explained everything clearly. She understood where the money was going and as it was being spent.  We make sure our client understands what’s happening on their job site and they’re confident that they’re getting the best work and the best coordination and the best supervision that we can provide. She did not know any of this and most people don’t. But that is okay, that’s why we’re here.

Be clever, ask a professional.

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