I need help with renovating my asset, can you help?


Congratulations, you have a property that you are ready to renovate but have no idea how to do that. We’re here to help.

The Clever approach has been honed to be your eyes, hands, and ears on the jobsite, giving you the comfort of having your job run to your specifications with our direction. Should Clever Property Management be chosen, we will be hired as a Construction Supervisor, not as a General Contractor (GC), for this job. What does that mean?

  1. It means we will provide a trusted network of contractors we have established over years of practice to refer to you for the work required, as well as any others you request. Once an independent contractor is chosen, we will provide a templated agreement to each contractor that they must sign for you prior to working on the site. This agreement will ensure we have all of our ducks in a row should insurances, payment terms, responsibilities or job details come into
  2. Not being a GC also means we are not stepping on contractor labor and material driving up prices on invoices. In other words, you are paying us to get you the best prices for the best
  3. Finally, we will build the schedule with your input to determine our time required for supervision. Once our fee is accepted, we will begin to track our time on the job against that agreed fee and bill out against that fee at the end of each month using Clockify . This removes the typical practice of a GC, who ties fees to a percentage of the overall construction costs, which can lead to many different outcomes.

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