How can I deal with these tenant issues?



Fantastic news, you have acquired another investment property, but your portfolio now has too many tenant issues to handle! Or, you have acquired your first investment property and you have no idea where to go or what to do!

For simplicity, we lay it out like this: Clever Property Management receives % of gross rent collected to check in on your property as agreed to with you and remains your point of contact for your tenant. This means that while you are away, you should only hear from one party concerning the property, Clever Property Management. Should anything go awry, we have a network of contractors who are able to address any problems on your behalf. To be clear, we are not a General Contracting company; these contractors are not employed by Clever Property Management and Clever Property Management does not receive any monies for their participation. Our money is paid by you (our client) and we act on your behalf to get you the best price for the job needed.

Here is an example of how this works: your tenant is set up in our software and can communicate with us via text through the software (rapid communication is important given all the new tenant legislation regarding maintenance requests and timing of responses and fixes, etc). The tenant contacts us that the toilet is not running. We reach out to the plumber we work with and set up a time for him or her to meet the tenant and repair the toilet. The plumber will complete the repair and ask us for the Bill To information. We will provide your information and they will email us the invoice and, in turn, we will flip you the invoice once the work has been reviewed and approved by us. You pay the contractor directly and that is it! All of Clever Property Management interaction here is covered in our monthly fee.

However, if we are ever required onsite, for instance if a toilet has exploded and there is water everywhere, we bill out at an hourly fee in 15 min increments for only the time we are at the scene.

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