Clever Construction


We are working on a historic building or renovation to bring back as much of the original building as possible. We’ve got box gutters being rebuilt and we’re going to be re-constructing the deck too.

What they did when they were putting vinyl or aluminum on this building, the contractors cut off the corners on the windowsill to make it an easier edge to round out and wrap with their aluminum and vinyl. So we’ve come up with a solution.

We saw off the entire piece down the front, and that seam will be covered, and the screw holes will be sealed in. Everything will be repainted, showing no seam line. But with the pitch, the water runs off, and then it would come down into a track under, hit the house, and create a water issue.

So what the contractors did is they tucked in a little groove to create a water channel so when the water runs underneath, it’s going drop straight down, staying off the house. And that is Clever construction.

. Remember, if you have a question, be clever, ask a professional.”


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